Regular art classes


Here students learn about the different forms their art could take and are encouraged to explore more openly with different unique methods in their assignments. We introduce new materials, such as pastels, pen and ink, and acrylic, and often jump around between different forms of art, with the students utilizing the skills they have learned earlier on to create far more complex artworks and develop a distinct style of their own.


Grades 6 - 8 (middle School)

ac_W_g78_CW_01 sf.jpg
ac_W_g60_CW_02_Dalia sf.jpg
ac_W_g78_CW_02 sf.jpg
ac_W_g78_CW_03 sf.jpg
ac_W_g60_CW_03_Diana sf.jpg
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ac_W_g60_CW_01_Yola sf.jpg