art life: Shows and events

AUTUMN Art Show 2019

Our first ever Autumn Art Show was a great success with over 100 student works were exhibited from all grade levels. Older students got to participate in curatorial critiques of each others artwork as well as the teachers helping to create an interesting conversation inside a wonderfully curated space!


Visit to the Sato Sakura Gallery

The Sato Sakura Gallery (Chelsea Piers, NY) aims to showcase the compelling beauty of contemporary Nihonga Japanese paintings done in the traditional style of Japanese art with raw materials and the characteristic patience of its culture. During the visit to this unique gallery our students had the opportunity to not only learn more about Nihonga paintings’ themes, styles, and making process but also try their own hand at sketching a few of the works on display in the gallery.


Summer Art Show 2018

In one of our most recent successful years we showed over 220 artworks done by our students throughout the year on and with a variety of materials. 10 works of our High School students were sold for a total of $800.