art TEST classes


Middle School & High School Art Test:

Many of our students are interested in Middle and High School art programs. We offer specialized testing classes that prepare students for all aspects of the tests, in a combined classroom and testing environment. Our students attend prestigious art schools such as Mark Twain, Bay Academy, Art & Design, Murrow, and Fiorello H. LaGuardia.


College Portfolio Development for Scholarships

With portfolio preparation we concentrate on creating a diverse and creative portfolio allowing  the student to be, first accepted, and second to receive the best scholarship in order to be able to attend the college/university.



Grades 11 - 12 (COLLEGE ART TEST)

ac_W_PORT_CW_02 sf.jpg
ac_W_PORT_CW_03 sf.jpg
ac_W_PORT_CW_01 sf.jpg

Grades 7 - 8TH GRADE (High School ART TEST)

ac_W_g78_HS_01 sf.JPG
ac_W_g78_HS_02 sf.JPG
ac_W_g78_HS_03 sf.JPG
ac_W_g78_HS_04 sf.JPG
ac_W_g78_HS_06 sf.jpg
ac_W_g78_HS_07 hand sf.JPG
ac_W_g78_HS_PORT_01 sf.jpg


ac_W_g45_MS_01 sf.jpg
ac_W_g45_MS_03 sf.jpg