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This work presents a meditating state where the solid matter that creates our world opens up and becomes empty space step by step, dad by day, meditation by meditation.

By expanding and opening the 2D surface of the canvas with my knife and modeling paste I sought to create a tear in the fabric of space and materiality of the figure. The figure itself is made to appear rough as if made out of pure energy rather than solid matter, revealing the 7 chakras running vertically down the figure.


Acrylic, modeling paste, and cotton strings on canvas.



Yoga Pose

Our body is made out of layers of energy. This silhouette of the figure shows the shape of the physical body while the colors represent the emotions.

Holding a pose for a long period of time may lead to the lose of feeling in certain parts of the body. The disappearing parts of the figure, created by the sewn holes in the canvas, is meant to show this same result with the figures turbulent emotions slowly ebbing away.


Acrylic, modeling paste, and cotton strings on canvas.



Meditating Figures

In a meditating state of conscious there is no top, bottom, left or right. Life is not perceived in a linear time but rather in a spherical time, where everyone exists simultaneously.


Acrylic, modeling paste, and cotton strings on canvas.